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Jeans couture in Taormina and shots by Steve McCurry

In Jacob Cohen’s SS14 Campaign, the voyage becomes a "journey"

by Paola Perfetti
April 15th, 2014

Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”. And it is with “new eyes” that Jacob Cohen has successfully captured a new way to reinvent a historical men’s and women’s wardrobe item: jeans.

Thus began the voyage of Jacob Cohen, a journey filled with passion, leading the brand to experiment with new denim cloth never used before: the best traditional woollen fabrics to create jeans that exude tailor-made. Passion for detail has turned Jacob Cohen’s jeans into a concentrate of tactile and sensory emotions. Season after season, he has successfully applied the same level of refinement to shirts, sweaters and outerwear, leading the brand to express itself as a total look for men and women.

In designing the new campaign for the SS14 season, Jacob Cohen focused on: passion and attention to detail, desire to spread emotions through an item of clothing, a photograph and a place while continuing on a pursuit of discovery aided by a strong will to introduce something authentic, unique and magic.

Marco Tiburzi, Marketing Manager for Jacob Cohen explain: “Therefore, in Jacob Cohen’s SS14 Campaign, the voyage becomes a “journey,” in the most authentic meaning of the word, which effectively joins the concepts of “travelling” and acquiring “life experiences.” For this reason, Jacob Cohen selected Magnum’s master photographer Steve Mc Curry, one of few photographers in the world who have the ability to capture in a snapshot their characters’ experiences, as well as context, colours and lights. Choosing Mc Curry came naturally, having previously followed this path with Elliott Erwitt for three seasons.”

Jacob Cohen chose to shoot the Campaign in South Africa, an extraordinary country, where two extraordinarily different elements coexist, making it one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Where lights are warm, the sun rises in the wee hours of the night, projecting his golden rays across the rocky coastline. Here, the colours of Africa are less wild as they blend with the works of man, which take on a special meaning here, in this land south of the world. Thus, the locations selected for Jacob Cohen’s SS14 Campaign strike a perfect balance between nature and civilization. Steve Mc Curry knows these places like the back of his hand and he thinks of them especially “his,” even in terms of the simplest and sometimes undetectable details.

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