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BeShoes 2015

Bespoke shoes inspired the market and Florence in one “beShoes Night”

Over 150 international guests (especially from England and Japan) for the Symposium at Stefano Bemer boutique; about 300 guests at Villa Cora

by Paola Perfetti - Photo Courtesy
January 22nd, 2015

The last January 14th 2015 over 150 guests attended the Symposium at Stefano Bemer boutique, in via San Niccolò 2, Florence. Despite the rain and the so many events planned in Florence during Pitti Uomo 87, eight cobblers among the best in the world – Cleverley, Foster&Son, Gaziano&Girling, Corthay, Norman Vilalta, Freccia Bestetti, Saint Crispin, Stefano Bemer, of course -, many international guests, most of all from England and Japan, fashion and publishing entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, socialites, bespoke and art de vivre lovers accepted the invitation of Giansandro Cantori (beSpoke), Tommaso Melani (Stefano Bemer) and Simon Crompton (Permanent Style) for the first “beShoes” event. The conference about footwear, between ready-to-wear and bespoke sector, was accompanied by a “Lucente” tasting that touched people who really appreciated the gathering of the leading figures of shoe tailoring, proving conviviality and complementarity among production excellences are the best strategy against the crisis of the market and good taste.

Later, the courtesy car service by Giugiaro (on board of his concept cars Parcour, Brivido, Structura) let over 250 guests to join the first edition of “BeSpoke Night in Florence”, with the exhibition of the Masters of Elegance coordinated by Alex Dordevic, De Gorsi Luxury Consulting.

«During this amazing soiree dedicated to “custom-made” excellence that gathered important “know-how” and elegance experts, I fell honoured to present our wine Luce 2011: a unique wine with a great personality and style that well expresses the area of Montalcino. Twenty years ago I started this project with the same passion and attention to detail I put today, a real ace in wine sector that well shows the uniqueness of Made in Italy in the world», said Marquise Lamberto Frescobaldi, adding that this year it will take place the 20th grape harvest of the red Tuscan wine, Luce, more than the 20th birthday of the company.

«BeSpoke is an important communication tool, so we feel part of a project made of companies carefully chosen not for form but for substance. We are proud to join this event» told us Francesca and Gaetano Verrigni, whose pasta, skilful cooked by the chef of the estate, was the object of desire in Villa Cora.

«I’d like to believe there will be other editions of BeShoes, the event I created together with Tommaso and Simon, my dear friends; a unique diamond in the rough that shone in all its splendour with an exceptional beauty.
As I wrote in the editorial of Bespoke 11, the great cobblers are like tenors: they don’t like sing together; they prefer solos and high C from the chest.
However, here there were many solos: the amazing shoes both in bespoke and ready-to-wear series, unique creations for international men who wear real artworks.
They reached the symposium by themselves; they left promising they will come to see them next year.
Maybe it was for our friendly hospitality, or the magic of Florence, the mise en place of Villa Cora, the delicious food, but for sure beShoes will come back in next months, with more guests but with the same magic energy that created a unique relation among the attendees. What I call the magic of the research in the daily creation of quality.
I would like to dedicate this incredible soiree to my father, according to me the best cobbler in the world because he taught me the humility of the greats and not kneeling down before anyone. My father, as the greatest artisans, spent his life bending down his customers’s feet to take measures with wisdom, love and competence. For everlasting memory», ended Giansandro Cantori, BeSpoke publisher who organized the soiree together with Tommaso Melani.

Tommaso Melani: «BeShoes has been a one-of-a-kind event that went beyond expectations, possibly even mine! It certainly started something new in marketing communication, well above the simple attendance of different brands to one single event. It’s been about dialoguing, makers with makers but also makers with consumers. I’m sure that its sequel (for it will surely have one…) will confirm my perception. Stay with us…!»


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