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beHouse 2014: The Bridge

Classic elegance independent of fashion trends

by Redazione
July 28th, 2014

Il Ponte Pelletteria, The Bridge, was founded in 1969 right outside the town of Florence. The Bridge stands out since its origins for its “English Style” aesthetics and for high quality products realized with fine materials and unique manufacturing, handed down from the florentine master craftsmen.

“We believe in authenticity”. Each product created in the large artisan laboratory in Florence is characterized by very high quality and is completely hand-made, respecting the artisan tradition of Florentine workshops.

“Versatility is key feature”. Products perfectly are suited to the different situations and moments of the day. Every day the master craftsmen undertake to give life to products that meet the tastes and needs of their customers, who give priority to classical elegance and discreet luxury combined with functionality.

The beauty and uniqueness of their products are ensured by the very high quality of raw materials and by the time, care and passion with which they have been created. The result is soft and elastic leather, whose aspect is vivid and bright.

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