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beHouse 2014: Domori

A revolution for the world of cocoa

by Redazione
July 23rd, 2014

Domori, is a reference in the world of gourmet chocolate, made only with the finest cocoa varieties and is saled in specialized outlets or destinated to professional use.

The company philosophy is based on quality and research reached thanks to the control of the entire production chain, from the plantation to the roasting plant, followed with wisdom and specialized skills by a team of experts. Domori, pursues the culture of sustainability and fights to preserve the finest cocoa varieties and protect their natural habitat (rainforest), along with the conservation of biodiversity.

Domori was the first company in the world to use only fine cocoa: a courageous choice because the plants from which they come from are more delicate, rare and even less productive. Particularly sensitive to the weather, they need a lot of care and their yield is relatively low: cocoa, in fact, represents just 10% of the world crop and Criollo, the rarest variety, little more than 0.001%.

But thanks to the courage of this choice, which rewards the quality in spite of the amount, Domori is today able to offer a unique sensory experience without compromise.

The aromatic notes of Domori chocolate, are only those which are naturally present in the best cocoa beans, selected by the experts: no added flavourings, but just the natural and original soul of the cocoa, which donate a unique sensory experience.

The cocoa beans used by Domori come from a plantation in Venezuela, which produces only the best varieties made with passion and proficiency.

The inventor and creator of the company is Gianluca Franzoni who contributed to the elaboration and diffusion of the chocolate tasting code, according to the canons of excellence: aromaticity, roundness and persistence.

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