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Spa & Beauty in Lugano. Hundred years of relax at Kurhaus Cademario

Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa,1914-2013

by Paola Perfertti
April 18th, 2014

Lugano. Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa. 1914-2013. The dishes. The Terrace. The view of the lake and the mountains; the five geomantic energies, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, the natural stones, the thermal water and the fire to relax ourselves. A private building founded by Dr. Adolf Keller that now is an important Spa, 4 superior star hotels with 82 rooms and suites, panoramic restaurants, 2,200 square meters of a mediterranean garden,, at 850 meters sea-level.

Here there are nature and history, hospitality and the latest medical news, prevention and the newborn DOT.Spa and MED.Spa. Beautiful views everyone can enjoy for a weekend with the partner or for a business travel.

After the renovation of the building and the reopening in April, 2013, interiors and exteriors return to their former splendor after 100 years from the first opening.

1914: “The Cademario”, as Rafaela & Peter Hoeck Domig call it, was a prestigious building dedicated to the remise en forme for a mens sana in corpore sano,surrounded by nature and Lake Lugano.

After 100 years the philosophy didn’t change, as the nature and the amazing landascape the Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa offers his guests.

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