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Moustache: the latest trend

Hungarian, Pencil or Seventies style?

by Luca Manzoni
February 19th, 2015

Until recently, man used to be always clean-shaven; today moustache (together with beard) is the new big trend of the season.

Where to start? First, growing a moustache for at least 4-6 weeks, the minimum time needed to have the right length! The return of the moustache requires a special care that takes inspiration from the past, with specific products – balms, gels and waxes – like those made by Proraso, Bullfrog, Kielh’s and the famous barber’s shops that created their own lines.

The trendiest styles? In first place Hungarian moustache, also called Handlebar moustache, which are bushy, with small upward pointing ends. Curly or not, they always carefully frames the lips.

The Pencil style calls to mind Clark Gable’s moustache: ironic, narrow and thin as if drawn on by a pencil, it takes inspiration from the Forties and the Fifties. The most desired by men who love classic style.

Copstash Standard is the strongest and most structured style, so it needs less care. It is the moustache par excellence, Tom Selleck’s style, typical of American cops still in our collective imagination that call to mind the Seventies and the Eighties.

Moustache and beard are perfect to change style and tastes. Let’s go the to the barber’s shop, comb and scissors will create a new cut!

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