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Mansfield: the perfume whisperer

When you go into a perfume store today you often sense the same fragrances despite the many different perfume labels you try. At Mansfield’s, on the contrary, they believe in excellence.

by Fabio Attanasio - ph. Oreste Pipolo
April 29th, 2014

When you go into a perfume store today you often sense the same fragrances despite the many different perfume labels you try. This is the effect of mass retailing, everything is standardised. At Mansfield’s, on the contrary, they believe in excellence, in products made by small workshops, unique, craft made and exclusive. It was 1997 when in Naples  Vittorio Scalella with a lifetime spent in the perfume world, set up this company with his two sons Massimo and Simona. From the friendship between Massimo Scalella and Maurizio Marinella came an agreement to produce a fragrance representing Marinella man. They became licensees and distributors in the perfume sector, for the famous Neapolitan tie brand.

Today Mansfield also manages the De Curtis name exclusively and is a European level distributor for the Brooks Brothers brand. The nose in France, workshops in Parma and Milan and logistics in Naples, this is the winning formula for a production company which defends craftmanship in the perfume world and offers the most exacting clients a service which creates a made-to-measure perfume for them. Impossible to imitate. With attention to detail, quality, care in the selection of raw materials and client service, this company aims to bring Neapolitanness to the olfactory world too. Emblematic of this is the choice of product names from Posillipo to Capodimonte to underline the strength of its Neapolitan roots. Neapolitan elegance here is encompassed in essence like an ancient unstructured colony. From nostrils to memories, essences go straight to soft focus memories of the barber’s salons of yesteryear reserved for gentlemen. Citrus aromas are there too conjuring up images of yellow lemons and the sun of the Amalfi Coast.

It is precisely from the need to offer a profoundly Neapolitan product which encompasses all the elegance and charm of the Campania capital, that the De Curtis perfumes emerged, inspired by an undisputed master of elegance and sophistication as well as of comedy. The inspiration for this perfume came to them by candlight just like in the best novels. Sleepless nights for Massimo but Totò’s “Signori si Nasce” on TV was his light bulb moment. In a rapid succession of events, he contacted Principe de Curtis’ daughter, Liliana, who was struck by the idea and gave him a bottle of perfume belonging to her father. She had kept it jealously and only a few drops had remained. Massimo flew to Paris to recreate it in the laboratory and put it to Liliana for an opinion. “I can smell dad sitting here with us”, she exclaimed, moved. The olfactory sense is our first and strongest memory.

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