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E. Marinella 100, a limited edition story

A limited Eau de Toilette celebrates Marinella 100th anniversary

by Redazione
August 7th, 2014

centenary and a story of handcraft, both in one limited edition eau de toiletteThis is the new chapter of a “book” called “E. Marinella.

Last month Bespoke was in Naples with Maurizio Marinella to celebrate the birthday of his maison. We will tell you about this amazing celebration on the next issue of Bespoke – The Chic&Cool 10. But now, let us give you a taste of it. Well: a scent.

E. Marinella and Mansfield created a new limited eau de toilette: E. Marinella 100.

A jus of wood and leather blends aromatic notes of thyme and cypress with vibrant accents of sandalwood, musk and patchouli.

Only available in 100 ml.- tipical-blu-Marinella-packaging, it is on sale in selected boutiques and at E. Marinella flagship store.

All the other fragrances? The first eau de toilette, a very classic fragrance, was created in 1997 with the name of the father of the Maison, “E. Marinella“: after that, the “287” comes with its spicy and fresh aroma.

These two perfumes, together with other 3 fragrances, gave birth to a real collection of fragrances; an olfactory tour around the most beautiful places of the ancient Capital City, perfumes act like guides for an ideal holiday around the Gulf of Naples: ”Costa Nera“, whose name recalls the magic Vesuvian coast; “Posillipo“, the luxuriant and green area of the tuff coast; “Capodimonte“, the huge green space of the city, known as the wood of Naples.

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