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Bullfrog, frogs and Rockabilly: a bespoke and pomade evening

Bullfrog: recreating the “beard culture” in Italy

by Paola Perfetti
April 18th, 2014

After Movember, the Tweed Ride, after some motorcycle evenings and big brands lunches, after swing moments from Milan to Florence and Pitti: Romano Brida is very busy with Bullfrog. He hosts us in an evening full of music, drinks, mustaches and a house-to-house shoeshine (Angelo Gregorio). He talked about Bullfrog project and an idea: recreating the “beard culture” in Italy, the only Country in the world where a homeless is still called with the denigrating name “barbone” (long beard, translator’s note).

Haircuts, shaving, and most of all beard care with a new original toner and the creation of the Accademia di Barberia (Beard Academy, translator’s note) in collaboration with Proraso. The vintage mood of the Thirties and Fourties is in Milan, 3, via Thaon de Revel.

Why this ambitious project during the crisis? According to Romano Brida there are three reasons: first his past as a manager that found traditional and excellent barber shops all over the world but in Milan; second the fact that during the Great Depression in 1929 in United States barbers didn’t feel the pinch; third because Bullfrog‘s history, according to American culture the story of a frog kissed by a princess who magically transforms into a handsome prince, but according to hippies it will always be “a wretched animal with hallucinogenic powers”.

Traditional haircuts, no hairdresser or stylist approach, but a democratic way to agree about beards and hairs for all men that comes to Bullfrog.

Even if vintage style is now a real trend, Mr. Brida said that he has always been a rètro fan, with his Ford from 1929, the Chevrolet pickup from 1950 and the Thunderbird Ford from 1961. “Milan was looking for this service; we decided to offer it and the customers has been and still feel satisfied, just like us!”.

Enjoy our vintage evening with Bullfrog, Proraso and Avirex.

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