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25 Years of Villa Paradiso

Eternity on the Lakefront of Pleasure

by Paola Perfetti - Photos Lyle F. Roblin
April 28th, 2014

It was 1940 when a not especially well known Italian actor and director by the name of Domenico Gambino was directing the film Il Segreto di Villa Paradiso. The plot was a strange story of intrigue and gambling with a mystery hidden on the far side of the ocean but this is not the plot of our story here. Our story is utterly Italian and here the unknown gives way to an atmosphere suffused with charm and elegance. Discretion, good manners, pleasure: these were some of the selected guests who took part in the celebrations for Villa Paradiso‘s first 25 years on 13th July – 25 proud years overlooking the breathtaking views of Lake Garda. We are tempted to say ‘Happy Birthday Villa Paradiso Clinical Beauty‘ but in actual fact on this occasion it is really the birthday boy who is giving generously to his guest rather than the contrary. In the context of buildings devoted to pleasure and wellbeing, this one is a classic and this is no surprise given that the French born owner Joëlle Vassal and her open minded companion in this adventure Danilo Maggi wanted it that way from the very beginning on the 13th of July 1988 when they first opened the regal doors of this historic residence overlooking Lake Garda.

The first nucleus of their anti-ageing and skincare prevention and cure clinic was thus born, a buen ritiro for the most demanding and passionate Italian and international guests who are, as always, looking for a pleasant place to stay to regenerate their energies after the intense professional efforts of the season. Many of Villa Paradiso‘s friends and historic guests have not been able to resist this prestigious birthday suffused with Provence and essential oils, tasty and genuine food, champagne and beauty products, precisely those elements which Clinical Beauty have made into their Villa Paradiso Clinical Beauty product range.

Beautiful women, happy faces, champagne glasses around the swimming pool, dancing and candlelight. There is nothing accidental about the fact that Villa Paradiso over the years has been given the name the ‘Bonbonnière of Wellbeing’ together with the other building set up with it, the Maison Du Relax, the first Wellbeing Relais in Italy. The objective is clear: return the polite visitor to a world in which he can breathe in the nectar of well-ageing cures whilst looking out onto a panorama of Lake Garda which subsumes much more than a paradise of beauty.

The Villa’s busts remind us that Roman poet Catullus chose to make a haven for himself just a few kilometres away from here to compose his increasingly amorous rhymes. The details of its furnishings and the road which winds along the coast showing off the Villa’s beauties to the last reminds us that these places were beloved of the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, icon of the idea of pleasure and the eternal. Visible en route, the San Marco tower reminds us of the secret encounters between Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci. These are just small hints of a mystery which goes by the name of professionalism, welcome, attention to detail for the wellbeing of others, desire to live happily whilst loving oneself and others.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”. This is Villa Paradiso’s way of saying hello to those who approach it, even simply online. The romance in question can be experienced in the Formula Platinum, 3 Days of Wellbeing at Maison Du Relax or Night & Day Wellness choosing between 35 rooms including 1 suite, 2 superior rooms, 6 junior suites all with terraces, lake views and all comforts (air conditioning, safes, wireless connection and TVs). A conversation room with satellite TV, a cosy bar area and naturally the comfortable anti-ageing treatment area with convenient cabins for beauty treatments and physiotherapy, a water area to immerse yourself in, two gyms and other beautiful spaces do the rest. There’s no doubt that whilst the Villa may not be able to give you the secret of eternal life it gets very close to the Pleasure of Happiness.

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