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Prince Charles

The Britain’s most successful living artist

by Marco Infelise
February 1st, 2016

New figures released by the Royal household show the Prince of Wales has sold £2 million worth of lithographs through his shop at Highgrove, making the heir to the throne one of Britain’s most successful living artists, selling millions of pounds worth of prints of his paintings. An analysis of sales of limited edition lithographs conducted by Clarence House and released to The Telegraph shows that the Prince has earned £2  million since 1997 from sales of copies of his watercolour paintings through the shop at his family residence, Highgrove House.

All the money raised goes to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, which awards grants to a wide range of good causes. But the total sales are even larger. An art dealer who previously handled sales of the Prince’s lithographs estimates they raised at least £4 million, bringing the total to more than £6 million.

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