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Mario Testino: One hundred and twenty five irreverent shots

After the success of Boston, Buenos Aires and San Paolo
the Mario Testino exhibition, “In Your Face”, arrives in Berlin

by Sara Cervo
March 22nd, 2015

Born in 1954, Peruvian by birth and a Londoner by adoption, Mario Testino is one of the shining stars of the art world. His Curriculum boasts numerous partnerships with leading magazines and fashion houses, together with the publication of many books and, of course, exhibitions.

The latest – In Your Face – will be held in Berlin at the Staatliche Museen until 27th July: one hundred and twenty five irreverent shots, photographs that as well as having made him famous, have made actresses, models, celebrities and the whole British royal family, that he has officially portrayed since 1997, after his historic photo shoot with Princess Diana, fall at his feet.

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