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Books to browse through

The third edition of the “International Exhibition of Antique and Precious Books” is set to be very interesting, especially for anyone who is still fascinated by the printed press

by Sara Cervo
March 17th, 2015

The publishing industry is not dying, or at least it would seem that way by looking at the great exhibition dedicated to antique and precious books taking place at the Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan from 27 to 29 March.

It will be a very busy three days eagerly awaited by bibliophiles, collectors or anyone a little curious, who will be able to delve into illuminated texts, incunabula, sixteenth-century editions, modern works of art and the latest publications where there is still no lack of creativity.

Confirming its importance, many exhibitors have decided to take part in the event to exhibit books which, like any other work of art, could be proudly put on display in your own living room. And it is still so exciting to browse through a book, much more so than webpage.

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