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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Yozique by YoYo

... and Sharon Jones created light

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

Her unique art is produced by her vision and confidence: if we can imagine an outcome, it means the impossible is possible.
“Yoyo” Sharon Jones is an Australian artist who loved pencil sketches. In 1990, she discovered the technique of digitisation, which uses computer programs to convert drawings into points and then transfers them onto an industrial machine that replicates the digitised image.
She had a sudden eureka moment: to transform this process into an innovative expression of art which would create photorealistic images that were perfect in every smallest detail. she called it Yonéye.

After three years and having designed seven pieces of software, Yoyo created Tyler’s eye (inspired by a photo of her son’s face), the first work made from this revolutionary technique. But she pushed herself farther, giving her work a majestic aura. In 2008, she unveiled Yozique, a luxurious art form that uses the beauty of crystals, creating a puzzle of thousands of small pieces applied by hand, one by one, to capture and reflect light with startling effects, stirring a different emotion depending on the angle from which you view it.

Her final vision came last year: while admiring the stars one January night, Yoyo came up with a technique that would break down the limits of crystals, letting her produce even more complex images. The result? A surprise that is sure to dazzle the world: the first creation of Crystalling will soon come to light. and it will be one of the most expensive (and rare) works of art on the planet.

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