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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: CartTime

Distinguished and precious custodians

by Redazione
May 20th, 2015

For watch collectors. For those who love to preserve the natural evolution of time. For those who believe that the case is just as important as the object it holds.
CartTime patented this idea years ago and today there are some 400 articles that are much more than mere “boxes”. They are quiet but effective  custodians, designed to contain and conserve pens, jewels, cuff links, coins, and lighters in the least space possible but in the most elegant way.
The latest line of high-end accessories embraces a wide array of passions: bags, briefcases, document holders, duffel bags, totes, garment bags, belts, cuff links, and more.
This is the new result of a project dedicated to handmade goods, to the care of artisan craftsmanship on prized leathers (hammered or brushed calfskin, ostrich, alligator or crocodile leather on the exterior; suede, peccary, or fine woods for the interiors), all in colours with an automotive inspiration.
To speed along the roads of luxury, in Italy and worldwide, protected by CartTime savoir faire.

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