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Wild Selfies

Unseen african wildlife

by Elena Banfi
October 16th, 2015

Kym Illman, 54, and his wife Tonya, 47, from Perth, Western Australia, utilise remote-controlled camera buggies, hidden cameras and quad-copter aerial vehicles to capture close-up images of African wildlife. Over the past few years the pair has spent more than 22 weeks photographing, taking them across Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Rwanda and South Africa. The book “Africa on Safari” is the culmination of years of work, patience and dedication: it presents wildlife in a unique way.

In this sumptuous 204-page compendium, Kym and Tonya take us through the fascinating angles and groundbreaking photographic techniques used to capture these rare and unseen images of African wildlife. “People and animals are most intrigued by our custom-made remote-controlled camera buggy. It allows us to capture unprecedented low- and wide-angled shots of wild animals, not your usual top-of-the-safari-vehicle shots” said Mr Illman. The couple has shot more than a quarter of a million images, and selected 146 of his best to feature in the book. It has been published in English by London-based Papadakis Publisher and in German by National Geographic.

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