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Four Seasons turns into a 5 stars jet

A 5 stars flying hotel will carry its guests (up to 52 people) in the most exclusive places all over the world

by Flavio Incarbone
May 19th, 2014

A 5 stars flying hotel. It’s name is Four Seasons Jet and from 2015 will fly the skies carrying its guests (up to 52 people) in the most exclusive places all over the world. As exclusive is the travel on board of Boeing 757 the hotel group customised with every comfort, like the sofa-beds with WiFi connection. On board, people can plan spa treatments, tours and starred cooking experiences.
Three different adventures can be already booked on board the new Four Seasons Jet:

• Around the World, February 2015 – Departure in Los Angeles and final dinner in London. 24 days and 9 destinations: this journey let travellers discover cities, exotic islands, architectural splendours and breath-taking natural landscapes. Amazing leg at Taj Mahal. All the accommodation will be in Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

• Backstage with the Arts, April 2015 – For art lovers travellers; in 16 days guests will visit 6 cities, the offstage of the most beautiful European museums, amazing performances at La Scala in Milan and Estates Theatre in Prague, delicious dinners and a private gala in Pavlovsk Palace, near Saint Petersburg.

• Around the World, August 2015 – Epic is the perfect word to describe this journey around the world through 9 destinations, including the accommodation in three of the newest Four Seasons hotels and the first safari lodge of the hotel chain, in Serengeti. From the Forbidden City in the centre of Beijing to the Medina of Marrakesh, then the crystal clear waters of Maldives and the biggest fish market in Tokyo. An amazing dinner in New York City will conclude these 24 unforgettable days.

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