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I Love Diamonds…

De Grisogono jewels continue to enchant and enhance female beauty day after day. And today just like yesterday diamonds are a girl’s best friend...

April 29th, 2014

De Grisogono jewels continue to enchant and enhance female beauty day after day. As Marilyn Monroe sang in a key scene from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), Nicole Kidman affirmed in a tribute in Moulin Rouge (2001) and singer Beyoncé reminded us in a famous television advert in 2007, today just like yesterday diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The name of this maison takes its inspiration from Geneva’s Marquess de Grisogono where the first boutique opened in 1993 with Sophia Loren as godmother. Since then many celebrities have personified the brand and worn its jewels from Carole Bouquet at the Cannes Festival in 2001, Milla Jovovich and Naomi Campbell to Sophie Marceau and Bianca Balti who has been testimonial since 2012. A challenge within a challenge for de Grisogono is its specialisation in jewellery made with black diamonds. It is a risk because they have never been much loved on the markets for their delicacy. But founder and creative director Fawaz Guosi has made the imperfection of these stones his strength. “My obsession with black diamonds comes from the book Black Orlov by Russian princess Nadia Orlov. They have a mysterious and fascinating history”.
In 1996 he found a 587 carat one and made the fifth largest black diamond ring in the world. From this emerged a whole collection and the symbol of the brand. Today he has boutiques in Paris, London, Moscow, Hong Kong and Singapore and everywhere women continue to sing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and even better if they’re black.

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