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beHouse 2014: Serafino Consoli

Jewellery innovation Made in Italy

by Redazione
July 28th, 2014

Innovation meets the traction of the goldsmith, celebrating the achievement of a new generation in jewelry. This is how the creations by Serafino Consoli come to originate,  amazing objects in which genius and new technologies are applied with master craftmen proceedings of Made in Italy. It is a literal revolution.

With a simple touch, the creations by Serafino Consoli can change, adapting to the style of each of us: rings that become bracelets, multi-size-rings, necklaces and earrings that change shape, as emphasized by the claim of the new campaign “One size fits all”.

Jewels are not only to wear but to live with. This is because they are molded according to the wishes of the people who wear them. The precious creations by Serafino Consoli become objects forever because they can be adapted to child fingers as readily as those of an adult and, in fact, can fit all fingers.

For over 50 years, Serafino Consoli has been a protagonist in the jewellery and teteclockmaking world and in 2005, the company chose to invest in its own innovative craftsmanship project.  However, innovation is not only in production but pervades all through the company. This is confirmed by the futuristic architecture of the maison which is located close to Milan.

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