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Wormwood Collection: when a stem glass hypnotises more than absinthe

by Elena Banfi
February 25th, 2015

Can a common object bewitch and amaze? Let’s take, for example, a wine glass or a cocktail glass: have you ever notice its design? Instead of toasting, have you ever raised the glass in order to look at it, studying the details? If you didn’t, don’t be discouraged: you just need to admire the new Italesse Wormwood Collection to say “Yes, I did it!”.

What’s so special? Everything! It is a collection of six glasses and stem glasses that fuses an appealing design with a highly technical and innovative product concept dedicated to cocktail professionals, premium bars and the hospitality world.

The Wormwood series has vintage lines; the collection has been realized by using resistant, elegant, high-grade crystalline glass. The name reveals a world: Wormwood recalls the Belle Epoque, it transports us into the intriguing world of American Speakeasy and French bars, a tribute to the intriguing and mysterious atmospheres of the Twenties, the smoky rooms of Prohibitionism, swing music. This has been possible thanks to the hypnotic, decorative, engraved floral pattern, available on all the glasses of the collection, whose motif features the absinthe plant, one of the most alluring ingredients of refined Vermouths, widely used in varied preparations.

This has been possible thanks to the collaboration with important international players: in this case the partnership involved one of the most distinguished opinion leaders of the cocktail world, Giancarlo Mancino and the renowned designer Luca Trazzi who has designed a pattern figuring flowers, leaves and provocative absinthe fairies, that evokes the hypnotic allure of the plant and enhance Astoria, Presidente, Rock-Gobbler, Alto-Ball, Galante and Fizz glasses.

Functionality and beauty are perfectly combined. Wormwood Collection has been created to demonstrate that a stem glass can be more than a stem glass. So, René Magritte was right when he said: “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”…

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