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Chambray Passion

A classic casual for gentleman

by Luca Manzoni
January 6th, 2015

Chambray shirt was for years a classic of workwear, much to coin the term “blue collar“, associated to the typical blue of this casual garment, today entered into the wardrobe of the most elegant dandy. The color of this fabric, reminiscent of jeans, is given by light cotton fabric with a slight sheen that combines colored warp with white filling yarns, also in various mélange, from the original idea of this lightweight and durable fabric, born in the French city of Cambrai in the 16th century.

Primarily known in the traditional blue color, this fabric is available in many shades, and the ease of its processing has enabled designers to interpret it in different models, substituting jeans in the summer, in the “shirts world”, for its lightness.

Chambray shirt has become an indispensable element of the male wardrobe for its versatility. It can be worn in a casual look, unbuttoned over a t-shirt or worn with a pair of jeans with the sleeves rolled up, or combined with a lightweight blazer and slacks, with oxford shoes, in a more elegant mood. You must have a chambray shirt in different colors, to match with any outfit of the wardrobe, in the summer shooting that do not require a formal style. Light and comfortable, it becomes a second skin because the shirt is softer after long use.

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