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beHouse 2015

beHouse 2015: Royal Cashmere

Made-to-measure cashmere

May 20th, 2015

Only quality certified cashmere and vicuña are used at Royal Cashmere, the leader of made-to-measure cashmere clothing. These materials undergo more than 23 quality inspections to ensure perfection and durability over time after coming from a world leading Scottish mill with 140 years of experience in the manufacture of luxury cashmere yarns and international success.

More than 500 men’s and women’s styles can be customised with favourite shades chosen from a range of more than 300 stock-dyed colours, and garments can be styled according to customer wishes and requirements. A ‘made-to-measure’ service is the result of craft expertise that distinguishes the Royal Cashmere brand produced and distributed by the Devis Knitwear Factory in Padua, a company with over 40 years of experience in high-quality luxury knitwear for an international client base.

After initially liaising with top Italian and international designers, a brand was established that is rich with Scottish expertise in using yarns and finishing materials, creativity and flair, and exclusive Italian production which now dresses royalty, aristocracy, top executives and celebrities, and many on the Forbes list of World’s Richest People.

The brand can also be seen in exclusive circles and at top events, international equestrian competitions and polo tournaments – evoking a regal flavour reminiscent of the Golden Fleece loved since the times of Gengis Khan – it is a symbol of belonging which can also be found at the top of the Royal Cashmere logo. “An essential hint of style that tantalises the keenest eye” explains the designer Devis Fortin when meeting at the boutiques in Padua, the Costa Smeralda and soon in Montecarlo and Sanremo.

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