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Grand Piano: the bespoke music

"The first time you'll ever see a piano again". A Grand Piano.

by Paola Perfetti
April 17th, 2014

“The first time you’ll ever see a piano again”. A Grand Piano.

An ambitious pay off welcomes visitors in Ph Pianos page; this is how the brand tells about that musical creative genius that was Poul Henningsen.

Danish author, architect, critic and famous for his musical instruments, it was 1931 when, 20 years ahead of times, Henningsen introduced its vision of design.

Its Grand Piano seeps through the space and at the same time enhances it. The soundboard and the entire structure are a big wooden box in a sheer structure that build and pass through the space.

Poul Henningsen’s design – here comes the name “PH” project – represents a rational and functional architecture that at the same time can be lyric and evocative, far from that Rationalism that spread all over Europe, including Sweden.

His famous quote “It’s what is inside that counts” calls to mind the big musical German tradition: Leipzig, Richard Wagner’s homeland, for example.

Today, this design musical instrument produced by Julius Blüthner (famous for creating pianos) that is Ph Piano has been dressed with new refined materials such as python leather that rolls the piano, the public and the musician with its sinuous notes.

This precious instrument doesn’t need any other tinsels, but if Beauty is in the eye of the beholders, what’s wrong in enriching this prestigious projects?

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