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Art in Paris

Three exhibitions are exploring the space and some of its meanings

by Giada Galliano
March 15th, 2016

Concrete and indefinable dimension of reality and oneiric scenario. In Paris three exhibitions are exploring the space and some of its meanings. Outin, from March 17th  to the 26th  at the Jour et Nuit Culture, is about the transition between the outer space and the inner self. A breath of mind that absorbs beauty, energy and impressions of a city, Paris. This is  the visions of the Italian designer Luca Pernigo, different from the more high-tech approach to the space by Iannis Bardakos.

Also on display,  paintings by Hedye Esfandiary and the ones of the Greek artist Myrto Monokandilou. A subjective vision of the urban movement is rather the vital focus of the world represented by Larissa Fassler in his personal Extraits, until April 1st  to the Canadian Cultural Centre. But also interesting Planète vue de l’espace: fragilité et beauté, open until the 5 of June at the Palais de la découverte, where satellite images of our planet show the consequences of the ongoing climate changes.

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